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Nicole Popa Smith 2010-09-07
Am so glad I ran into your site by accident. I plan on visiting it often. It is just lovley. Merci
From: Oshkosh, WI
Carol 2010-08-13
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy that I looked in a search for lavabos. I clicked on the first one and it was from your shop. What an awesome store! Your photography is amazing!!! We had some professional photos last year of our daughter that we adopted 2 years ago. She was 5 at the time. I love the photos but, wow your photography is uncanny. I was all over the web site. I need to kick up my Manolos, grab the bon bons and spend an entire day looking at all the links you have included. What a wonderfurl and thoughtful idea to include others. You are a very talented woman and I am so glad that I found your store, blog, etc. I hope that the rest of the year will bring happiness and joy to you. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Sincerely, Carol
Karen McCutcheon 2010-01-31
I love your website. You have many beautiful things, some of which I look forward to purchasing soon !!
From: 4295 Laura Lane,White Lake, MI 48383
kelly Hernandez 2010-01-24
very nice items. love to put alot of your stuff in my shop. we open in feb will purchase next month . keep up your good work
From: 130 n 3rd ave oakdaleca
laverne & selma bauer 2010-01-24
we havent found information on emile galle's gallery, on what we think is a cameo french art vase, 14inches, would like for more info on this said peice, any books on her vases?
From: chester nebraska
Maxine 2009-12-29
Your website is not only inspirational, it is like reading a good book - once you start, you can't put it down. I was inspired, overwhelmed and in awe at the look of your site, as well as the one of a kind priceless pieces you offer. A class act.
From: Saskatchewan, Canada
Nina Ventura 2009-12-29
Hello, just dropping by to say I absolutely ADORE your site. I have been collecting antique & vintage religious 'bits & pieces' for the past 20 plus years & have thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of finding the next 'unique' piece to add to my collection. For my 50th end of this year my plan is to start selling some of my beautiful treasures to make room for others of course! You have some stunningly gorgeous crowns!I have 2 Infant of Prague crowns My head tells me it's time to sell some of my things...but my heart is going to have a hard time letting go of them!!! I wonder who will win? :- Best wishes....and kind regards. Nina
Sarah 2009-07-21
Hello, I came across your website as I was searching for other companies here in Paris and I came across yours, but I don't think you are here. I just love your website and wanted to let you know what a beautiful job you have done. The Josphine bags are awesome! They are sooo Parisian. On the wish list. : Thanks again and have a wonderful day! Sarah
From: Paris
Karen Woodward 2009-05-25
Ms. Alys, I just love your site. You have nailed paris chic right on. I am planning to redo my apt as a paris apt in the 1800's-1900's style. You have given me so many ideas to use. Can't wait to order from you in the future. You do have an eye for the paris style eventhough you are in Utah of all places. Bravo!! I have never seen a site so put together as yours and so inviting and inspiring to all who want all things french. Keep up the good work and my very best to you and your staff for keeping the French real. Sincerely, Karen
From: Sunrise,FL
Jeanne R Stein 2009-03-09
OOOH La La!!! J'adore. My French is very rusty...3 years and I remember nothing. However, your site makes me yearn to speak French. The crowns are incredible as is everything you have.
From: Charlotte NC
Joan 2009-02-22
I LOVE your website! I stumbled onto it via ebay. You are a genious with presentation of your merchandise! I am eyeing some of the gorgeous necklaces and will be purchasing something very soon.
From: New Jersey
Carol Anthon 2009-02-05
WOW what a place! Love it. And was shocked to see you were in Utah. We are from Smithfield, north of Logan.
From: Moses Lake, WA
Rebecca Wierzbicki 2009-01-04
I just have to tell you how inspiring your jewelry is...I have been collecting vintage jewelry over the years to someday make my own collages. I love what you work makes me imagine. Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration you have given me. I appreciate such creativity and beauty. Sincerely, Rebecca
Jill 2008-12-13
Just happened upon your site and LOVE IT!
From: Wisconsin
Lorraine Hill-Reichert 2008-11-30
I discovered your site while choosing items for an assignment in my Residential class at the Art Institute in Atlanta, where I am getting a degree in Interior Design. It is wonderful and I will continue to review and keep you in mind after graduation. L. Hill-Reichert
From: Atlanta, GA
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