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Jessica 2008-10-23
I simply love what you are doing, being that I am slowly designing my own old junkett pieces. I crave old tarnished things that people have no use for. Keep it up. Its all inspiring.
From: Corona, CA
Diane 2008-10-23
Hi Alys, Just wanted to let you know I received everything and as usual I am totally pleased. All of the things I purchased really make his room look special. Thanks again. Diane
Sheryl 2008-10-03
As a fellow dreamer of Paris and living the French life, I love your site. We channel the French muse at Venus in Bloom, find us at
From: Oceanside California
lana kloch 2008-09-25
would like to be put on your mailing list. also am looking for fresh postcard stand. thank you
From: california
Tenaya Parchment 2008-09-14
Just wanted to say I had purchsed a pair of earrings from you, and after having been on vacation for a couple of weeks, I just got them earlier this week when I returned home. I absolutely love them, I'll definitely be returning to your website to shop again. Thanks!
elle burke 2008-09-12
I cannot begin to tell you, truly fab. I would love to hear from you as to putting together a design concept, following your concept. Totally retail.
From: Palm Beach County
Connor Finch 2008-09-05
Alys, What a site girl! This is so unique, the market is really in need of someone like you.
From: Utah
Julie 2008-08-25
You have such wonderful items. I was inspired to redecorate my bedroom based on your site. I hope to get more as things come together. Thanks again!
From: Northern Calif
jonathan 2008-05-29
your shop is HEAVEN, i could buy everything you have.
From: missouri
Lin Hathaway 2008-05-10
Can't believe all the beautiful things we've seen, that's my daughter Em, and myself. We only wished we lived in Utah! Your style is simply unique and beautiful.
From: Australia
Linda 2008-05-10
Oh! I am in heaven! Your shop has soooo inspired me. I can't stand it! You know I am going to be up all night working on some new creations!! I make tassels. What fun!! I am excited!
From: Portland Oregon
Cyn Robins 2008-04-26
OH MY! What eye candy and fruit for the soul! This site is unbelievable to say the least. Thank you for sharing your eye and talent. What amazing finds and treasures you have here. I will be back for more certainly. Cindy Robins
From: Tampa Bay, FL
Lyndie Slack 2008-04-14
I love your site. Where are you? If in Paris I will be there the end of May and would like to visit. You have wonderful taste. I am remodeling my home from the ground up and it is completely French with a touch of Chinese. I will visit again soon. Best of Luck to you.
From: Orange County, California
Tres Belle 2008-03-09
I very much adore your shop and blog. I am the process of working on a blog and hope to open a shoppe of my very own. It is a very long process. But I too love and have an affinity for anything french. I was fortunate to have visited Paris in the Latin district several years ago. We stayed in a quaint hotel in St. Germaine. I hope to one day go back this time to the countryside.
From: Texas
The Red Velvet Shoe 2008-03-06
What a beautiful place to visit~~I just found your blog & stores and I am truly delighted! What a work of art you have! All the best, Michelle
From: New England, US
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