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Jar of Parisian Curiosities-Antique

From the personal collection of Paris Couture Antiques we present- "Jar of Parisian Curiosities"

I made a jar simliar to this for my home and have recieved so many compliments on it that I decided to put together Three jars of my best curiosities for my web shop. These are one of a kind and you are not going to find anything like it anywhere else. I have used all antique and vintage treasures that I have collected over the years, and each piece is meaningful and unique to the jar it is in. These jars look stunning displayed on the countertop, your sofa table or tucked away in your boudoir. A wonderful daily reminder of all things beautiful and inspiring. You can add to the jar as you find things that are meaningful and special to you. Each jar was handmade and put together by me. Each of them have there own special feel and are very precious! Take the time to view all the photos displaying each and everything you are getting in this beautiful jar. The jar you are purchasing is the shorter jar with the Lace & Parisian ribbon tied at it's neck, complimented by the antique pearl brooch.

Inside of this beautiful sculpted thick glass jar is all
the items you see listed below and photographed.
* 8 Made in Paris stamped european clothepins
* 5 Spools of Antique Silk Thread
* Several old corks in various sizes
* A pair of French stamped and tied candlesticks
* One old ball of yarn
* 4 French Cards filled with Lace and old Trim
* 1 Old button card
* 1 String of old antique pearls w/ rhinestone clasp closure
* 1 French antique shoemakers authentic wooden shoe
* an old silk rossette
* 1 Bar of french milled soap, stamped and signed
* 1 old seamstress paper ruler w/gorgeous patina
* 1 old tag of Camisole ribbon Very Rare
* An old French mercury glass door knob
* A rhinestone replica of the Eiffel tower
* An old drum of italian matches
* 1 Pair of Antique wire rim glasses
* An old Pearl & Rhinestones lapel pin
* 1 Old wooden token and key
* Ribbons, aged coffee filters and lace...and I am sure a few more surprises!

Jar measures 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide.
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